March 1, 2012
DIY: Make Your Own Project Runway Anya Earrings!

I am a huge Project Runway fan and watch each season religiously. Last season was no exception. While I wasn’t thrilled with Anya’s win, I do think that she is fab and has great personal style. Every time I watched one of her video diaries, I fell in love with her earrings. Each time I saw them I knew I had to have them. I searched Etsy and after not finding anything I realized: ‘hey, I can make those!” So I did and I’m really happy with the result. Here’s how you can make them for yourself: 


-2 Jump Rings

-2 Silver Earwires

-2 Steel Split Rings

-20 Gauge Permanently Colored Silver Copper Wire


-Needle-Nosed Pliers

-Small Wire Cutter


1. Using the needle-nosed pliers, attach jumps rings to earwires. 

2. Cut two 9.5in lengths of wire and bend each piece in half.

 3. Without cutting the wire, coil 1.5in of wire around the split ring. (It helps to use the pliers when coiling) Then, wrap the wire across the split ring many times creating a dream-catcher type pattern. After wrapping 5-7 times, cut the wire with a 1.5in tail and coil the tail around the ring.

4. Pull the folded length of wire through the jump ring. String the other end of the wire through the split ring and wrap the ends of the wire (about 0.5in) together. Cut off any excess wire.

5. Wear and look hot!